How to properly install MANCAN Tool module?
  1. Open at the glovebox over the fuses on the left of the steering wheel.
  2. Locate the OBD2 connector.
  3. Connect the OBD2 Extender into the socket.
  4. Connect the module with the extender.
  5. Insert the module in the recess on the right or left of the fuses.
How to properly install the Smart Control application for MANCAN Tool?
  1. Download the application from our website.
  2. Install the application and give all the necessary rights.
  3. Open the application and scan the QR code from the card that comes with the module.
  4. The application will also ask you for a PIN code; it is located on the same card code.
  5. If you are unable to connect, please enter the Bluetooth settings and see if you already have the "MANCAN Tool" saved. If so, click Forget and repeat the procedure.
  6. (FOR ALPHA ROMEO 159) Click the key icon in the application. Enter the 5 digits of your code card (which comes with your car at the factory) and press "Activate". .

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How do I update the MANCAN Tool version?


You do not need to update the version of your device immediately after receiving it! If there is a new version of the module that requires an update, you will be informed by email!

Carefully read the FIRMWARE Update page, go to it from the SUPPORT AND DOWNLOADS> FIRMWARE UPDATE menu, or click the button below…

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Can I transfer the module to another car?

If the car is the same make and model - YES.

  • Disconnect the module from your vehicle and simply install it in the other vehicle.
  • If you use functions with "CARD CODE", it is necessary to Reactivate the code through the application.

If the vehicle is a different make and / or model - You must first change the program version of the module. See information above.

Can a person with the same module unlock my car?

No, it is impossible! Each device is unique, with a unique identification number. Your mobile phone connects to the Mancan tool you own with this unique ID and password. Only you have access to this information!

Does the Mancan module share car location information?

No! The module has no GPS components. The device does not store or share the location of your car. The app uses GPS only when you lock the car from your mobile phone. The Bluetooth connection between your phone and the car (module) is double secured. *

* For more information, read the answer to the above question.

Is it mandatory to buy the OBD2 extension cord together with the Mancan tool:

It is advisable to buy it if you do not already have one. The extension helps you close the glove box cover at the diagnostic socket.

Does the MANCAN Tool have to be permanently plugged into the diagnostic socket?

Yes, to use the features of the device, it must be plugged into the car.

Is the app compatible with iOS?

No, the app can only be installed on Android phones. IOS users can purchase the module and use only the functions: Arrow Ceremony, Automatic Tilting of the Right Mirror and Deactivation of Multimedia when Reverse Activation, and if you have a card code for your car: Automatic Mirrors and Welcome lights.

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