Smart Control

Applications to control your car using the MANCAN Tool OBD2 module

MANCAN Tool Modules

Unlock, lock and open the trunk from a distance greater than that of your remote, using Smart Control for your Android smart phone.

Everyone in the car can control the original multimedia via their smart phone.

Manage your car's features and get information about it through the Smart Control app for Android smartphones.

How to properly install the Smart Control application for MANCAN Tool?

  1. Download the application from our website.
  2. Give the necessary installation permits.
  3. Open the app and press "+" (only for the Alfa Romeo 159 app).
  4. Scan the QR code from the security code card*.
  5. Enter the pin code from the code card in the kit.
  6. Give a name to your car (only for the Alfa Romeo 159 app).
  7. Wait until the pairing is completed.

*If nothing happens after scanning the QR code, open the Bluetooth settings menu in your phone and press delete and forget to all saved Mancan tool Bluetooths in your phone list!

Alfa Romeo 159
Smart Control

Last update: 10.09.2021: Version 2.1
Applicable with FIRMWARE version: A9072 or newer

  • Message when the module is "Forgot"
  • Automatic entry in one car
  • Added menu information (Web based)
  • Fixed error for missing background color
  • Other small bugs - fixed
Download v2.1
  • Option to add more than one module / car
  • Activate / deactivate electronic code from the code card of your car
  • Higher security
  • Custom settings for the application background
  • Switching on the car ignition (beta)
  • Switching on car headlights and fog lights (beta)
  • Fixed media management issue
  • Many others

Alfa Romeo 159 Smart Control v1.2

A9070 v6

Lancia Delta Smart Control

Last update: 19.05.2021: Version: 0.1

Made especially for Lancia Delta III.
Manages newly created functions and controls standard in the car.
Application for: Android 7 or newer.

Download v0.1

Lancia Thesis Smart Control

Last update: 22.03.2021: Version: 1.1

Made especially for Lancia Thesis
Manages newly created features and controls standard in-car
Automatic unlock and lock option
App for: Android 7 or later.

Download v1.1