Just place the device into the diagnostic socket and enjoy the features that will make your life easier.

MANCAN Tool OBD2 for:


Fully developed, by MACMAN Pro Ltd., application for Lancia and Alfa Romeo, which works entirely with MANCAN Tool device. 

Creates features such as:

  • Manage new MANCAN Tool features
  • Unlock & Lock
  • Trunk opening
  • Information about the car and environment right in your pocket
  • Many more...
SMART CONTROL Applications...

Manufacturing details and elements for vehicle exterior and interior

We work with the latest technologies and partners who are the best in the industry in Bulgaria. We are able to build every single component in the car. Our trademark is to satisfy customers with a sense of detail.

  • Panels for original installation
  • Tanners and master upholsterers create leather arts for you
  • Software and hardware and replacement components 

Handmade luxury document cases, made entirely of genuine leather…


Integration of software and hardware for tracking production orders

We have the ability to quickly solve software and hardware problems. We think differently and are not burdened by different stereotypes and techniques. 

We offer ready-made solutions and individual ones for isolated, high-quality touchscreen computers in graphite-resistant cases. 

Just ask!

Over the years, we have learned that in order to solve problems, each of them must be explained to whoever needs the most affected. We are the right people. Just ask, our colleague will contact you as soon as possible.