MANCAN Tool Upgrader

Version 0.9

You can upgrade or change your module version. You can change the car for which it is intended or just to add the latest possible extras to the device.

Install and follow the steps.

Download the upgrade software...


If the program does not detect the device, also install the drivers via Windows Update or download them here –––->

*Windows 10 x64 or newer!

Firmware update versions:

IMPORTANT! You don't have to download the MANCAN Tool Upgrader every time. The program automatically downloads the latest available version.

Alfa Romeo 147 / GT 🆕

Version: А7100 – 17.01.2022🆕

Name: Alfa Romeo 147-GT v100

  • Added "Digital Voltmeter" function which is displayed on the dashboard screen.
  • Added "Digital engine speed (RPM + shift warning)" function which is displayed on the dashboard screen.
  • Added "Car Locking & Unlocking" function (MAR needed) and "Trunk opening" through the Android application.
  • LOW beams and HIGH beams control through the Android applications (MAR needed).
  • "Digital Speedometer" improvement.
  • "Opening ceremony" improvement.

Important: It is required to install the Android application Smart Control MANCAN Tool (version VSCMC122101107It will let you set which of the functions (digital speedometer, voltmeter or RPM) to be displayed on your dashboard screen!

Version: A7002 – 14.10.2021

  • Added "Digital Speedometer" function which is displayed on the dashboard screen.

Version: A7001 – 19.05.2021

  • Opening ceremony
Alfa Romeo 159 / 159 SW / Brera / Spider

When updating, follow the steps:

  1. Uninstall the old application.
  2. "Forget" or "Unpair" from the Bluetooth settings the "MANCAN Tool" modules saved so far.

When updating, you can choose between two versions of the latest version of the program:

  • Alfa Romeo 159&Brera no Alarm V07 (for Alfa Romeo without OEM Security Alarm)
  • Alfa Romeo 159&Brera no Alarm V07 (for Alfa Romeo with OEM Security Alarm)

Version: A9072 – 29.08.2021 + APP UPDATE v2.1
Name: Alfa Romeo 159-Brera v7

Be sure to install Alfa Romeo Smart Control v2.1

Major changes in FIRMWARE:

  • KEY CODE is stored in the internal memory of the module and even when the module is removed from the car or the battery falls, it remains stored. Deactivation / deletion of the code is done through the application
  • BUGFIX: Corrected speedometer values when performing the Arrow Ceremony function 
  • BUGFIX: Corrects the bug by turning on the alarm when the Welcome lights and / or Auto mirrors folding / unfolding functions are activated. When the lock button is pressed twice, the following commands are executed:
    • The car unlocks
    • The relevant feature is performed
    • The car locks

What includes:

  • Everything from version A9070
  • Reverse Mute Media - Stops media sound for more comfortable parking when engaging reverse gear
  • Stop Seatbelt Alarm - Turns off the beep when the seat belt is not fastened
  • The Welcome Lights function is divided into Welcome Fog Lights & Welcome Headlights. 

What's new in the app:

  • Official version 2.1 
  • The name was changed to Alfa Romeo Smart Control 
  • Option to add more than one module / car
  • Activate / deactivate electronic code from the code card of your car
  • Higher security
  • Custom settings for the application background
  • Switching on the car ignition (beta)
  • Switching on car headlights and fog lights (beta)
  • Fixed media management issue
  • Many others

Version: A9070 – 29.07.2021

What includes:

  • Everything from А9063 – Alfa Romeo 159 v6
  • Security improvement when unlocking and locking the car through your phone
  • Possibility to activate/deactivate the Reverse mirror tilting feature, using the app
  • Possibility to activate/deactivate the Reverse mirror tilting feature by pressing the button for locking of the rear windows
  • The Welcome lights and Auto mirrors folding features become independent from each other. When you activate one of them , the other doesn`t affect.
  • BUGFIX: Only one press of the unlocking button on the app is needed 
  • Opening ceremony improvement: Previous version: MAR > FULL > REAL. New version: MAR > FULL > EMPTY > REAL

Version: A9063 – 16.06.2021
Name: Alfa Romeo 159 V6

What includes:

  • Everything from A9061 – Alfa Romeo 159 version
  • BUGFIX when performing the Reverse mirror tilting feature
    • Bug with the dashboard temperature
    • Unwanted unlocking of the car

Version: A9061 – 09.06.2021
Name: Alfa Romeo 159

What includes:

  • Everything from A9051 – Alfa Romeo 159 version
  • BUGFIX and improvement of the Opening ceremony feature
  • Reverse mirror tilting feature has been added to

Version: A9051 – 05.05.2021 
Name: Alfa Romeo 159

!!! Please update your application… !!!

What includes:

  • Everything from AR010 version
  • A field has been added into the app, where you can enter the electronic code from your vehicle`s code card.
  • New features once activating the electronic code:

    • Welcome lights (turns on the fog lights) by double pressing of the locking/unlocking button on the car remote control and activated feature in the app .
    • Auto mirrors folding/unfolding by double pressing of the locking/unlocking button on the car remote control and activated feature in the app .

    Version: AR010 – 01.04.2021

    What's new:

    • Stability BIGFIX
    • Option for deactivation of the factory alarm has been added to
    • Car multimedia (factory) management via your smartphone
    • Opening ceremony
    • Security system (the trunk does not open if the car has not been unlocked)
Lancia Thesis

Version: LT014 - 10.05.2021

IMPORTANT BUG FIX - Make an update required if you have uploaded version LT013:
What's new:

  • The high energy consumption is neutralized.
    In version LT013 there was a constant power consumption and the car did not enter standby mode. The problem has been completely eliminated. Consumption is completely reduced.

Version: LT013 - 02.05.2021

What's new:

  • The method of calculating the voltmeter has been corrected.
  • The problem with the non-extinguishing light in the cabin has been fixed.
  • A hidden voltmeter has been added when making contact instead of a flow meter before you start. (Under the tachometer). It is deactivated by removing the manual.
  • Fixed issue with opening and closing mirrors (Still some versions of Lancia Thesis may have a problem with this, due to different years and versions, please ask for feedback).
  • The phone information is updated even when the car is not in contact.
  • Module stability has been improved by 10%.
Lancia Delta III

Version: LD001 – 19.05.2021

  • Opening Ceremony - Instrument panel
  • Car information on the Android app Delta Smart Control
    • Outdoor temperature
    • Remaining mileage
    • Remaining fuel in the tank in liters
    • Engine temperature
    • Voltmeter
  • Control of original multimedia via Smartphone, such as remote control via Delta Smart Control

How do I update the MANCAN Tool version?

Please turn on the captions!!!

Step by step:

  1. Prepare the following things:
    MANCAN Tool module;
    Small Phillips screwdriver;
    Mini USB cable;
  2. Unscrew the screws from the module (4 pieces);
  3. Carefully open the module housing;
  4. Download and install the program "MANCAN Tool Upgrader.exe"
  5. Once the program starts, follow the steps;
  6. Do not turn on the module in the computer until you see the power on message;
  7. Do not touch the board with wet, dirty or wet hands!
  8. Press "NEXT" and wait for the module to open.
  9. If it does not detect a device, install the drivers above!

  10. Select the car and version from the list and click NEXT;
  11. Wait for it to install (a black screen with white text will appear);
  12. Wait for confirmation that everything is over.
  13. Disconnect the module from the computer and assemble everything.
  14. Plug in the car.
How do I update the MANCAN Tool version?

You only need a few minutes and the following things:

MANCAN Tool OBD2 Module

A small cross screwdriver


MANCAN Tool Upgrader